Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Universal House of Justice's letter dated 1 May 2013

Dear loved friends,

We are happy to share with you the joyous message (Dated 1st May 2013) from the Universal House of Justice announcing an additional 19 youth conferences due to an overwhelming response. One of these 19 conferences is located in our very own Bidor in the state of Perak!

Let us rejoice and refocus our prayers for the ever increasing success of this recently announced youth conference. The content of the message is as follow:

"Dearly loved Friends,

So overwhelming has been the response of the Baha'i youth and their friends—indeed, of Baha'i communities worldwide—to the announcement of 95 conferences to be convened around the world between July and October, that existing arrangements now seem unlikely to accommodate the number of youth wishing to attend, and it is apparent that a further complement of gatherings is therefore required. With great joy, we take this opportunity, when the members of National Spiritual Assemblies are gathered in consultation at the Eleventh International Baha'i Convention, to announce today our decision to convene an additional 19 conferences in the following locations: Bertoua, Bidor, Biratnagar, Brisbane, Cagayan de Oro, Georgetown (Guyana), Houston, Kampong Thorn, Kigoma, Los Angeles, Mahikeng, Milne Bay, Minneapolis, Montreal, Nuku'alofa, Nundu (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Seattle, Vientiane, and Washington, D.C.

This welcome development is indicative of the magnitude of the reservoirs of energy and devotion that the youth possess. Every effort must be made to assist them to continue to act on their responsibilities, and we look to them to expand the horizons of what the Baha'i community can accomplish. We offer thanks to the Blessed Beauty for endowing His youthful followers with an immense collective capacity for service, and we beseech Him that it might be realized in benefit to humankind.

- Universal House of Justice

Please refer to the links below for the PDF file of the message from the Universal House of Justice (1 May 2013):

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