Friday, 17 May 2013

Youth Conference Secretariat Message for NDF of ‘Azamat

17 May 2013

All Bahá’ís in Peninsular Malaysia

Dearly loved friends,

Greetings to the friends gathered at this blessed Nineteen Day Feast of ‘Azamat.

It is now exactly 38 days since the Spiritual Assembly of Malaysia announced the setting up of a Youth Conference Secretariat at the National Office. Today we are pleased to share with you some updates regarding the youth conferences as outlined in the following text:

a.     The Universal House of Justice in its letter of 1 May announced an additional 19 Youth Conferences around the globe, raising the total number of the conferences to 114. This welcome development is due to the overwhelming response from “the Bahá’í youth and their friends—indeed, of Bahá’í communities worldwide and is “indicative of the magnitude of the reservoirs of energy and devotion that the youth possess”.

With great joy, we would like to highlight the bounty of yet another Youth Conference set to take place in Bidor, Perak. This is particularly exciting as more Bahá’í youth along with youth from the wider community will have the opportunity to attend these Youth Conferences.

b.     The venues for both the Northern and Southern Youth Conferences, after much deliberation and consultation, is now confirmed as follows:

-  Southern Youth Conference: Golden Straits Resort, Port Dickson. The accommodation in Port Dickson is expected to cost either RM200 or RM230 depending on the type of accommodation. Other higher cost accommodation may also be available as the number of participants surpass our initial estimates.
-  Northern Youth Conference: AIMST University College, Sg.Petani.  The accommodation for the northern region is fixed at RM150 for all participants.

The registration form will be soon finalized and released to the community in the coming days. We look forward to your immediate response to avoid any disappointment.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude for the fantastic work done by the task forces in the North and the South to secure the venues for the Youth Conferences.

A Facebook group and a blog has been set up to keep friends up-to-date about the Youth Conferences on a regular basis and we hope as many friends can find the time to access the material and leave comments, suggestions, and/or pose any questions they might have. You can find these two web pages online using the following URLs:

"It is on young and active Bahá’ís, like you, that the Guardian centers all his hopes for the future progress and expansion of the Cause and it is on their shoulders that he lays all the responsibility for the upkeep of the spirit of selfless service among their fellow-believers. Without that spirit, no work can be successfully achieved. With it triumph, though hardly-won, is but inevitable. You should, therefore, try all your best to carry aflame within you the torch of faith, for through it you will surely find guidance, strength and eventual success."
(Shoghi Effendi, Arohanui - Letters to New Zealand, p. 33)

With loving Bahá’í greetings,
Youth Conference Secretariat

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